NEVER SEEN BEFORE Changes in SUNS's SOLAR CYCLE - Extremely Cold Winters for Decades
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published: 27 Jan 2014
Solar Cycle Maximum On Its Way
Activity on the Sun is due to reach its peak around early 2014, so expect more flares, eru...
published: 27 Oct 2011
SOLAR CYCLE UPDATE: Something unexpected is happening on the sun. 2013 is supposed to be t...
published: 02 Mar 2013
Scientists Forecast Coming Grand Minimum Solar Cycle
Peter Martinson presents the June 2011 announcement by the American Astronomical Society, ...
published: 24 Aug 2011
Solar Cycle 24 in 2013: A Flip of the Sun's Magnetic Field (Science at NASA)
Something big is happening on the sun. The sun's global magnetic field is about to flip, a...
published: 08 Oct 2013
Homemade DIY Electric Scooter Bike with solar panels in Funny Solar Cycle video
Homemade DIY Electric bike / Scooter with Solar Panels in funny video Squamish, BC Canada....
published: 18 Oct 2010
author: Terry Hope
FM13 The Weak Solar Cycle and Its Consequences PressConference
The Weak Solar Cycle and Its Consequences Wednesday, 11 December 9 a.m. The current solar...
published: 11 Dec 2013
NASA | Solar Cycle
The number of sunspots increases and decreases over time in a regular, approximately 11-ye...
published: 27 Oct 2011
author: NASAexplorer
ScienceCasts: Solar Max Double Peaked
Visit http://science.nasa.gov/ for breaking science news. Something unexpected is happenin...
published: 01 Mar 2013
Unstoppable Solar Cycles
This video sets aside doomsday alarmism and political axe-grinding to look at the science ...
published: 18 Aug 2008
SEE the patterns, SEE the LIEs (solar-cycle 24)
The world, as we now know it, will soon be gone -- forever. This fact is as clear to me a...
published: 18 Jul 2014
The 11-year solar cycle is history
Why does the scientific community keep insisting we're in a "solar maximum" when the data ...
published: 28 Jan 2014
Our Magnificent Sun - Solar Cycle 24
A compilation of significant solar events during Solar Cycle 24 by SolarWatcher. Credit to...
published: 30 Nov 2012
author: SolarWatcher
Om Unit + Kromestar - Solar Cycle
Om Unit + Kromestar Solar Cycle Solar Cycle Cosmic Bridge [CBR001] http://www.junodownload...
published: 27 Apr 2013
author: ak musics
Youtube results:
Kromestar & Om Unit - Solar Cycle [2011]
artist: Kromestar & Om Unit Track: Solar Cycle title: Kromestar & Om Unit - Solar Cycle Me...
published: 10 Aug 2011
AKSHAN "Solar Cycle 24" (Altar Records)
http://www.altar-records.com/spring.html http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/spring Timelapse ...
published: 09 May 2013
author: Gabriel Zen
3MIN News March 2, 2013: Solar Cycle, More Quakes, Magnetic Storm
The REAL Climate Changer: http://youtu.be/_yy3YJBOw_o Ice Age Soon? http://youtu.be/UuYTcn...
published: 02 Mar 2013
solar cycle 5 watts only mechanical project
solar bike solar cycle solar e bike mechanical project mechanical engineering project elec...
published: 09 Apr 2013